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Zkittlez x F/ELD Live Rezin Concentrates - 1g

Zkittlez x F/ELD Live Rezin Concentrates - 1g

Zkittlez x F/ELD Extracts presents their Live Rezin, a line of “ultra-premium” live resin concentrates free of solvents and additives. Experience these cannabis strains as intended, with their unique and beneficial cannabinoids left intact.

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Zkittlez x F/ELD - Live Rezin - Dragonfruit Z (Hybrid) - 1g

F/ELD Extracts have partnered with Zkittlez to create their line of “ultra-premium” Live Rezin using a solvent-free extraction process that preserves the wealth of beneficial compounds that are found naturally in cannabis. F/ELD’s extracts contain some of the more unusual cannabinoids that are known to provide powerful relief for symptoms associated with chronic pain, inflammation, neuropathy, mood disorders, and insomnia. Live resins are a favorite among distinguished dabbers who prefer their concentrates with the full flavor of cannabis terpenes and the unparalleled quality that has become synonymous with F/ELD.

F/ELD is a Los Angeles-based brand that has captivated cannabis aficionados across the globe with their "ultra-premium" concentrates. As winners of Spannabis 2018 (Zkittlez Live Resin), Chalice Cup 2018 (Forbidden Fruit Live Resin), and High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2018 (Gelato 41 Hash), they've proven time and time again that they're here to make a mark on the world of extracts.

Live Rezin is made without the use of solvents, which ensures delicious flavor and purity you can trust!

Zkittlez x F/ELD Live Rezin is available in the following formulas:

Melonz (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 62.9% THC, 0.09% CBD
This uplifting, focused hybrid will leave you feeling tingly with its sweet scent of melon and strawberry.

Dragonfruit Z (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 59.4% THC, 0.09% CBD
Get your mind and body buzzing with this relaxing hybrid that tastes dank and fruity with a hint of musk.

Sundress (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 69.5% THC, 0.11% CBD
This hybrid has mysterious origins, but it smells delicious and it’s extremely potent, so what’s not to love?

Sweet Pea (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 63.75% THC, 0.1% CBD
The indica-leaning effects of this earth and pine-scented hybrid will melt the stress from your mind and body in no time.


 Each jar contains 1g of “ultra-premium” Zkittlez x F/ELD Live Rezin.

To use, dab or vaporize at low temperatures for best results.

Concentrates in glass containers should be refrigerated to preserve their integrity.


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