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Summit Boys - Diamonds (HCFSE) - Sundae Drive (Indica-Hybrid) - 1g

Summit Boys - Diamonds (HCFSE) - Sundae Drive (Indica-Hybrid) - 1g


Crystallines of THCA glisten like freshly-mined gems from Sri Lanka. Diamonds not just a girl's best friend, but all of our best friends! Summit Boys hits it out of the park with these high cannabinoid full spectrum extracts in the strain Sundae Driver. Scroll down to Details for pertinent information before purchasing.

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Those of us who are keen on the Cups thorughout California to determine the crème de la crème may recognize this up-and-coming name in the concentrate game. As one of Coastal Research Inc.'s featured brands, Summit Boys' reputation precedes them.
They have proven that being a giant in this industry is not necessary to draw favor amongst the people, and quality is their primary pursuit for the extraction process. Winning 2018's 1st and 2nd places at Santa Cruz Cup and 3rd place in Emerald Cup, Summit Boys are here to stay.

 High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts (HCFSE), also known colloquially as diamonds, are a special form of cannabis concentrates made by true artists of their craft. As a time-cured process, these concentrates have their waxes and all solvent resudes removed through a slow vacuum-purge. 

Sundae Driver is a product of Fruity Pebbles (Indica-Hybrid) and Grape Pie (Hybrid). When consumed, it produces wonderful relaxation in one's body ideal for weekend reflections, yet not sedating enough to put you to sleep. 

This strain won Summit Boys their 3rd place in 2018 Emerald Cup, testing at 74.0% THC, 0.138 % CBD.


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