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Seasonal Harvest Pre-Rolls

Seasonal Harvest Pre-Rolls

Seasonal Harvest offers pre-rolls packaged in eighth ounce sizes, with 5 cones per package.

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Product Name Qty
Lemon Fire OG (Sativa) - Seasonal Harvest Pre-Roll
Sour Diesel (Sativa) - Seasonal Harvest Pre-Roll
Out of stock
Sour G (Sativa) - Seasonal Harvest Pre-Roll
Cookies and Cream (Hybrid) - Seasonal Harvest Pre-Roll
Out of stock
Sunset Sherbert (Hybrid) - Seasonal Harvest Pre-Roll
Tahoe OG (Hybrid) - Seasonal Harvest Pre-Roll
Blueberry Muffins (Indica) - Seasonal Harvest Pre-Roll

Seasonal Harvest only produces top shelf, sun-grown cannabis that are both frosty and fragrant!

We understand not everyone can roll their own products, so we have the high quality strains in 5 pre-rolled cones, available in eighth-sized packages. 

The following variety of strains are available from Ganja Goddess:


Lemon Fire OG
This award-winning hybrid has strong sativa roots but a delightfully relaxing high.

Testing: 21.0% THCA, 0.5% THC, 0% CBD

Sour Diesel
A pungent diesel-like smell is a combination of Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk.
Testing: 15.2% THCA, 0.9% THC, 0% CBD

Sour G
This sativa cousin of Sour OG is mellow and uplifting, with a bright, fruity scent.
Testing: 20.1% THCA, 1.9% THC, 0% CBD


Cookies and Cream
Providing a balanced head and body high, the effects of strain will last a long time due to impressive potency.
Testing: 24.2% THCA, 1.5% THC, 0% CBD

Sunset Sherbert
The comforting aroma and legendary potency of this popular strain will leave you totally relaxed.
Testing: 16.7% THCA, 1.2% THC, 0% CBD

Tahoe OG
A prototype of OG Kush, Tahoe OG is earthy, lemony, and has famous mood-lifting effects!
Testing: 13.8% THCA, 0.9% THC, 0% CBD


Blueberry Muffins
An award-winning strain reminds one of the sweet breakfast treat as a terpene-heavy indica.
Testing: 19.6% THCA, 0.8% THC, 0% CBD

Notes to Customers

Pictures are not indicative of all varieties 

Items not listed in the pricing area, or marked red, are likely out of stock.

More Information
More Information
Flower Type Hybrid
Good For - Well-Being
- Euphoria
- Stress Relief
Grow Type Greenhouse
WARNING Smoke from cannabis contains chemicals, including benzene and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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