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Rich Cannabis Co. - Live Rosin Coin - Kandy Kush (Hybrid)

Rich Cannabis Co. - Live Rosin Coin - Kandy Kush (Hybrid)


Collect this Live Resin Coin by Rich Cannabis Co. and you'll feel rich in premium concentrates! This strain, Kandy Kush, is the child of OG Kush (Indica-Hybrid) and Trainwreck (Hybrid). Scroll down to Details for important information prior to purchasing.


Rich Cannabis Co., established in Coachella Valley, has been dedicated to bringing solvent-free concentrates during the medical-only era of California cannabis. While working with their loyal patients, they tested (and succeeded) a new way to package their concentrates to make it easier for elderly, arthritic hands to dose. These empathetic values have been maintained through the recreational transition in 2018, and we are so happy to provide their premium concentrates!

Live Rosin refers to both the original plant material used and the process with which it was extracted, respectively. Live means the plant material used was not cured, but taken as freshly cut flower. This preserves the full spectrum of cannabinoid and terpene content during the extraction process. Rosin means pressurized plants were used to gently liquidate the trichomes / waxes from the leaf in a Coin or Dot form. This is the sole "wax" concentrate available as chemical-free.

Kandy Kush comes from crossing OG Kush (Indica-Hybrid) and Trainwreck (Hybrid), resulting in a great combination of moods getting higher and body sinking lower (total relaxation). Kandy Kush could be used in both day and nighttime, for one doesn't feel sleepy or too tired after a dab.

Cannabinoid Testing: 76.8% total THC, 0.31% total CBD


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