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Reveur Live Resin Concentrates - 0.5g

Reveur Live Resin Concentrates - 0.5g

Reveur is the dream you wish your heart made - affordable, clean, and potent. Ganja Goddess is the only statewide delivery service to offer this concentrate in California.

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Reveur Live Resin - Bio Vortex (Hybrid)

Say it. Reveur. It's French for "dreamy," so now you know a little French!

These live resin concentrates are a dream come true for those of us requiring a tighter budget for our medical or recreational cannabis needs. Live resin simply means the cannabis source is taken while still alive. Freshly plucked colas are ready to be squished into terpene and cannabinoid-laden gooeyness. 

For newtimers, this may be an extra oomph! to a hand-rolled joint, or an extra kick for your bong or bowl.

More 710-friendly consumers may want to dab on low to medium temperatures, for these delicious strains are flavorful - be careful not to burn them off too fast!

The following strains by Reveur are available to purchase:

Bio Vortex (Hybrid)
Testing: 58.99% THC, 1.122% CBD

Notes to Customers

Pictures are not indicative of all varieties.

Please note the percentage of THC is a relative concentration that may be used to determine strength. The remaining percentage is simply the remaining numerous terpenes and cannabinoids associated with the cannabis plant, extracted. Check out our blog's Cannabis Glossary for more details on these terms.




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