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RAW® (Natural Rolling Papers)

RAW® (Natural Rolling Papers)

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RAW Rolling Papers (1.25 Size - Classic)
RAW Rolling Papers (King Size - Slim)
This internationally-known brand needs to introduction for your high-quality expectations to be met. RAW® makes original unrefined papers for all of your rolling needs. Their products contain no chalk, no dyes, and no burn additives, no chlorine-whitening. Ingredients include nothing but plants, including hemp(vegan-friendly!). This allows you to not only smoke less-processed papers, but also better taste the natural flavors of the content with which you're filling. -RAW Classics: These are the standard 11/4 size for rolling papers. -RAW Kings: Aptly named, these king-sized papers (roughly equal to 4 x 2 inches) also happen to be "slim," or thinner than traditional paper, allowing for better taste.

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