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Proof Extracts

Proof Extracts

Proof Extracts, specializing in affordable whole-plant extractions, might be a great addition to your daily regimen. Try out their THC-rich tinctures and CBD-rich tinctures and capsules.

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Proof Extracts THC-Rich Tincture - 15mL
Proof Tincture - 1:1 CBD
Proof Tincture - 20:1 CBD
Proof Capsules - 1:1 CBD
Proof Capsules - 20:1 CBD

Proof Extracts makes cannabis products both affordable and accessible at their current price points.

They make clean, healthy, whole plant cannabis-derived THC-containing and CBD-containing products that are vegan-friendly, halal, and kosher. 

Proof Extracts does whole plant extracts from high-CBD ratio cannabis plants, as opposed to low phytocannabinoid-content hemp. This translates to a more complete “entourage” effect of bioactive compounds, cannabanoids and terpenoids combined! 

 The following varieties of products are available for purchase:

THC-Rich Products

High-Strength THC Tincture
900mg of THC and <2mg CBD combine in merely 15mL of coconut oil for this extremely potent tincture, equaling to about 3mg THC per drop!

CBD-Rich Products

1:1 CBD Tincture
An even mixture of THC and CBD create the balance one may desire to end the heir exhaustive day with relief, all in 15mL of coconut oil.

20:1 CBD Tincture
The benefit of non-THC canmabinoids may be felt from this whole plant extracted tincture comprised of 20 times CBD as THC. Not bad for being contained in 15mL of coconut oil base.

1:1 CBD Capsules
The pure benefits of this balanced ratio of CBD and THC are encapsulated in 30 servings per bottle, ideal for precise, daily consumption.

20:1 CBD Capsules
This 30 count bottle of capsules makes low-THC & high CBD dosing easy.

Notes to Customers

Please refer to our Cannabis Terms Glossary for more information on unfamiliar cannabis-related terms. 


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