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POP Naturals Honey Oil - ACDC (Super CBD) - 1g

POP Naturals Honey Oil - ACDC (Super CBD) - 1g


This premium Super CBD CO2 honey oil stick may be used to refill vaporizing cartridges, dab, or orally consume for your therapeutic needs.

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POP Naturals makes premium CO2 hash oil available in both high THC and high CBD versions. Their CO2 process forgoes the use of butane during extraction, but still creates a concentrate with nearly zero vegetative content.

The best part is that POP Naturals is able to reconstitute the original plant terpenes for a perfect taste and experience to go along with such clean, potent oil!

Because these products can be very strong, their recommended use is for consistent and debilitating pain or inflammation; though experienced cannabis users can always enjoy such a great product as well.

This particular oil is available in a full-gram sealed syringes with a special slim attachment to assist with easy disbursement. They can be vaporized or ingested, with dosing for the latter generally starting around the size of a grain of rice. If vaporizing, it is recommended to either use a dabbing kit, or both a cartridge that can handle thicker oils and a pen that gets hot enough to prevent clogging.

Testing results are as follows: 3.07% THC, 54.60% CBD

Note to Patients: Pop Naturals is currently experiencing difficulties with manufacturing and licensing. Therefore, all products currently in stock are the last of their stock entirely. Due to these unfortunate circumstances beyond our control, we will no longer be able to provide continuous stock of these products. This also means we are limiting the quantity of items per customer to ensure there is a fair distribution of medicine. Please call us for comparable recommended products. Thank you for understanding.

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