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Platinum Blue Dream (Sativa)



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Platinum Blue Dream is an all organic, outdoor sativa grow that crosses Blueberry and Haze.

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Blue Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid that crosses Blueberry and Haze. This batch of PLATINUM Blue Dream is a wonderful outdoor grow of that strain from our friends at Paradiso Farms. What's great about these growers is that they use all organic methods from the soil up, so you know the flower is made from all the Earth's best. The aroma is still light and fruity, as Blue Dream normally is, with an added freshness of something like pine that may come from its outdoor roots. As with regular Blue Dream, the sativa characteristics of Haze should deliver an energetic and mentally charged high, focusing your creativity, while the Blueberry creates a deep body relaxation that will relieve any pain and tension you may have built up throughout the day.

This is an all organic, outdoor grow from Paradiso Farms. The buds range from smaller to midsize and are densely packed, giving you one heck of a bang for your buck!
Flower Type Sativa
Good For Pain Relief Well Being Relaxation Inflammation Appetite Issues
Grow Type Outdoor
WARNING Smoke from cannabis contains chemicals, including benzene and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
  • Skeptical at first, yet very curious Review by Jenn

    As there is little information out about this strain. Price is a sheer delight for the bud. Somehow, some way the indica shows through in just the right way. No couch lock. Just a fine, interesting indica leaning Blue Dream. Less of a heady high- just the right amount plus indica effects. Enjoy! (Posted on 11/3/2017)

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