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PhoDub - Shatter Sticks

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PhoDub Shatter STICKS - Sherbet (Hybrid)
PhoDub Shatter STICKS - Strawberry Banana (Hybrid)
PhoDub Shatter STICKS - Durban Poison 3:1 CBD:THC (Sativa)
PhoDub Shatter STICKS - Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid)
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PhoDub Shatter Sticks are slow-smoking pre-roll joints that feature one strain three ways: flower, oil and kief. PhoDub Shatter Sticks have 1.5 grams of flower, dipped in .3 grams of shatter, and rolled over .2 grams of kief, making it one of our heaviest hitting pre-rolls.

Each cone takes your regular pre-roll and adds a generous coating of concentrate (known as “twaxing”) then protects that sticky icky with a layer of pure kief. The results are a super potent cigar-like smoking experience; with a heavy smoke and a slow toke these joints deliver powerful medicine and burn into a dense, white ash. These are especially helpful for those with higher tolerances, or stoners who want to bring a real treat to the sesh.

*If not drawing properly, try inserting a thin, heated metal poker through the center, very gently. The heat helps keep the oiled flower from sticking to it and the new space created should provide more airflow for easier consumption.*
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