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PAX Era Pods by Temple Extracts

PAX Era Pods by Temple Extracts

Temple Extracts PAX Era Pods contain steam-distilled cannabis extracts produced using supercritical CO2 along with other innovative extraction technologies. Experience all that full-spectrum oils have to offer in a convenient and consistent package.

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Temple Extracts PAX Pod - Purple Cadillac (Indica)

Ganja Goddess is proud to present Temple Extracts, specialists in creating state-of-the-art cannabis extracts using non-toxic supercritical CO2, ethanol, molecular separation, and steam distillation technologies. All of their THC and CBD extracts are made exclusively with sustainably-farmed cannabis, meaning there are no additives, ever. Each unique batch of exceptional full-spectrum oil contains up to 125+ individual terpene compounds. Now in the always convenient and consistent PAX Era Pod, these strain-specific distillates are ripe with some of the more uncommon cannabinoids, for a personalized and rich vaping experience.

Temple Extracts PAX Pods are available in the following formulas:

Blueberry Cheesecake (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 77% THC, 0.3% CBD, 2% CBN, 1.6% CBG
Blueberry Cheescake, hailing from Blueberry x Cheese, is known to produce a slow, creeping high that begins with a substantial emotional boost that leaves you sociable and thoughtful, followed by a heightened sense of focus that eventually turns into physical relaxation. With a sweet berry inhale and a cheese undertone upon exhale, this strain is believed to have an aphrodisiac effect, while also helping to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Purple Cadillac (Indica)
Average Potency: 76% THC, 0.5% CBD, 2% CBN, 1.8% CBG
Purple Cadillac produces effects that take a while to get going, but pack a serious punch. Born from Purple Urkel x The Black x Blackberry Kush, this strain is known to start with tingles in the shoulders that spread throughout the body, like receiving a soothing massage. As muscles relax, couch lock may set in. The taste of sweet grape as you inhale is accentuated by woody, piney notes during exhale. This strain is known to be highly sedative for a strong body high and relief from insomnia, physical pain, and muscle spasms. Purple Cadillac is not recommended for those who may experience paranoia while medicating.


 Each Temple Extracts PAX Era Pod contains 0.5g (500mg) of oil.

Temple PAX Pods are designed to be used only with the PAX Era Battery, sold separately.


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