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PAX Era Pods by BRITE Labs - THC Varieties

PAX Era Pods by BRITE Labs - THC Varieties

BRITE Labs x PAX Labs collaboration produces superior strain-specific pods in sativa, hybrid, and indica varieties. Scroll down to Details for important information prior to purchasing.

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PAX Era Pod by Brite Labs - Chemdawg (Sativa)
PAX Era Pod by Brite Labs - Apricot Ice Cream (Hybrid)
PAX Era Pod by Brite Labs - Shishkaberry (Indica)
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BRITE Labs has made it their mission to make pure cannabis and CBD extracts as true to the original plant composition as possible. Based in Oakland, CA, they have fostered close relationships with cultivars across Northern California for carefully-selected plants sourced for their therapeteutic qualities. By adhering to superior scientific standards and proprietary CO2 extraction methods, BRITE Labs specializes in strain-specific full spectrum extracts produced in small batches.

With a collaboration of two laboratories: BRITE Labs and PAX Labs, we can only expect top tier quality products - and they surely deliver! Using PAX Era Pod technology, BRITE Labs has selected additive-free, strain-specific cannabis oils for a range of desired effects.

The following THC varieties of BRITE Labs' PAX Era Pods are available at Ganja Goddess, a statewide cannabis delivery service:



 Your old favorite, Chemdawg, can now be your new favorite Era Pod! This sativa-dominant hybrid is uplifting without the jittery buzz.

Cannabinoid Testing: 63% total THC, 0% total CBD



This strain won the High Times cup back a whole adult ago (18yrs exactly). Tantalize your tastebuds with berry notes and a balancing earthiness for a perfect chill evening.

Cannabinoid Testing: 66% total THC, 0% total CBD


Apricot Ice Cream 

A barrage of fruity, creamy flavors hits your mouth with this hybrid strain ideal for anytime use!

Cannabinoid Testing: 66% total THC, 1% total CBD


Notes to Customers

Pictures are not indicative of all varieties


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