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PAX Era cannabis hash oil pod by Bloom Farms for medical marijuana delivery in California

PAX Era Oil Pods

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The PAX Era Oil Pods contain a special blend of Bloom Farms cannabis oil extracted with clean CO2 and made exclusively for the PAX Era, an engineering marvel from the industry leaders in innovation. PAX Pods have simple-click technology and a sleek compact design for discreet and easy use anywhere. The flavor profiles and consistent THC content you've come to expect from Bloom Farms can now be enjoyed in a premium vaporizer that delivers an unforgettable vapor experience.

Testing results for each variety are as follows:

- Harle Tsu (3:1 CBD) ------ 14% THC, 49% CBD

*** PAX Era Oil Pods can only be used with PAX Era vapor pens. These pods DO NOT work with normal 510 pens/batteries.
  • Agree with MedicateSafely Review by Ron

    By far the best (again thank you PAX) vape around. Ive had my cartridges (Silver Haze and Blueberry Kush) about three weeks now . I vape daily in the evening and on weekends. I find that if you warm the cartridge up in your hand for a moment, the oil reacts quicker. The battery is 19 bucks. For a Ploom thats a great deal. Just slip in the cartridge of your choice and go. No turning on the pen manually, no warm up time. Charges fast with USB. (Posted on 12/10/2017)

  • All around better value, and quality Review by MedicateSafely

    I have tried several of these pre filled carts by PAX. The silver haze, hybrid, blueberry kush. They are amazing. Especially for microdosing like I’ve been experimenting with. Typically a 500mg cart wouldn’t last a week I managed to squeeze an extra week out of each. I purchased two a few weeks ago and just now placing an order. I will never go back to any other brand. The app for the Pax Era battery is awesome! It’s syncs via Bluetooth with your phone where you can adjust the temperature, and lock your device.

    Con (only if you’re cautious about it). Not discreet when it comes to that lovely smell. The device is discreet, scent.. not so much. I don’t mind one bit :). (Posted on 11/6/2017)

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