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Old Pal - Blended 510 Vape Cartridges

Old Pal - Blended 510 Vape Cartridges

Those of you who have loved Old Pal's cost-effective flower must really try their equally cost-effective cartridges, available in blended sativa, indica, and hybrid varieties.

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Old Pal has won our heart with their affordably-priced flower with mid-level potency - now let them woo your souls with their amazingly affordable vaporizing concentrates!

These strain-specific 510-threading cartridges provide high quality, high potency concentrates without draining your bank account! Our friends at Old Pal have infused the cannabis extract oil with natural terpenes found in each of the varieties to maintain the natural flavors and entourage effect.

The following blended varieties of 510 threading cartridges by Old Pal are available:

Cosmic Sativa

Old Pal's blend of their stimulating strains serves as a great daytime use cartridge.

Cannabinoid Testing: 70.7% total THC, 0.00% total CBD

Cosmic Indica

As the highest THC content of the blends, this will assuage insomnia issues in a snap.

Cannabinoid Testing: 82.7% total THC, 0.00% total CBD

Cosmic Hybrid

This balance is useful for aiding social interactions at a party or diving into a good book - its up to you!

Cannabinoid Testing: 81.3% total THC, 0.17% total CBD

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