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Oasis Extracts Premium Live Resin Concentrates - 1g

Oasis Extracts Premium Live Resin Concentrates - 1g

Oasis Extracts have created this line of gorgeous concentrates, from gooey budder to tantalizing terp crystals. Please scroll down to Details for pertinent information before purchasing.

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Oasis - Desert Nectar - SFV OG (Hybrid)
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Oasis - Desert Diamonds - Durban Poison (Sativa)
Oasis - Desert Diamonds - Cherry AK (Hybrid)
Oasis - Desert Diamonds - Gelato (Hybrid)

Oasis Extracts is a premium concentrates brand originating from the Californian desert, where its products are a magnificent paradise, brimming with flavorful terpenes and crystals for your dabbing delight.

All cannabis concentrates produced by Oasis Extracts are live resin, meaning they are taken straight from the uncured plant flower, or "bud," to maximize the preservation of the original composition of the cannabis strain.

The following varieties of these premium concentrates are available at Ganja Goddess:

Desert Nectar (Budder)

SFV OG (Hybrid)
AKA San Fernano Valley OG, this popular strain has been known to alleviate pain and instigate laughter in this awesome goop-y consistency - perfect for globbing into a bowl with flower or by iteself to dab!
Testing: 65.24% THC, 0.10% CBD

Desert Diamonds (Terp Crystals; HCFSE)  

Durban Poison (Sativa)
Soar above your peers with this pain-relieving, mind-activating strain, derived from a South African landrace and perfected for productivity.
Testing: 72.28% THC, 0.26% CBD

Gelato (Hybrid)
The smaller THCA crystallines are still potent, exhibiting the mint and fruit notes pleasantly associated with this strain.
Testing: 83.38% THC, 0.05% CBD

Cherry AK (Hybrid)
This fragrant high cannabinoid full spectrum extract will remind you of fresh Rainier cherries while helping you focus on every task at hand.
Testing: 83.29% THC, 0.07% CBD


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