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Natural Cannabis Co. - CO₂ Natural Nectars - Amsterdam Skunk (Indica-Hybrid) - 1g

Natural Cannabis Co. - CO₂ Natural Nectars - Amsterdam Skunk (Indica-Hybrid) - 1g


Natural Cannabis Co.'s Natural Nectars are clean, CO2 -extracted honey oils offered in a full gram size.

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Natural Cannabis Co. is woman-owned company created to provide quality cannabis to women in a safe space. It has grown to a large-scale operation but preserved the craft cannabis nature from which it originated. Only small farmers and artisan crafters produce flowers for this company- you are supporting families well-established in Northern California as premium growers for decades.

Their Natural Nectars are CO2-derived cannabis honey oil offered in 1 full gram sizes.

This Amsterdam Skunk is an indica-dominant strain known to give a mentally stimulating high and full body relaxation. The flower extracted for this batch was grown by Walnut Lane Farms.


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