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Nasha Temple Balls - Dark Dosi (Indica-Hybrid) • Red - 1g

Nasha Temple Balls - Dark Dosi (Indica-Hybrid) • Red - 1g


Nasha Extracts utilizes a cold-water extraction method for all of their concentrates. Try their one gram red grade hash temple balls made with Dark Dosi (Indica-Hybrid) strain for under $40! 

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Nasha Extracts is a Humboldt-based brand dedicated to creating the next generation of cold water extracts. Their founder spent many years among the Himalayas studying the origins of Hashish and the culture surrounding it. So it shouldn’t be surprising to learn Nasha is a Hindi word used to describe a high and translates to “A state of transformed consciousness; exhilaration, or excitement of the mind.”
Nasha utilizes pure mountain water, coupled with traditional Indian techniques and state of the art machinery. All of Nasha’s extracts are made without the use of chemicals or solvents and begin with the highest quality raw materials. With an emphasis on purity, cleanliness, and potency Nasha Extracts produces some of the highest quality, full melt cold water extracts.

Temple Balls are a rare form of pressed and rolled Hash into a ball or sphere. They are composed of pressed and rolled cold water extracted hash. They can be consumed broken up and mixed with flower, by itself in a traditional hash pipe, or in some cases dabbed or vaporized.

Red Grade is the oily and sticky version of hash that has a smooth smoke, but has a bit of plant material.

Earthy and sweet, Dark Dosi is known to be incredibly relaxing in both body and mind perfect for unwinding at the end of the day or helping with sleep as well as physical pain relief.


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