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Mary's Medicinals - Transdermal Patches

Mary's Medicinals - Transdermal Patches

This 2 x 2 square delivers so much more than it appears. Mary's Medicinals Transdermal Patches are best for those wishing to try the different types of cannabinoid varieties with no experience ingesting or inhaling cannabis, yet want the systemic experience.

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Mary's Medicinals - Transdermal Patch - THC - Sativa
Mary's Medicinals - Transdermal Patch -THC - Indica
Mary's Medicinals - Transdermal Patch - THC/THCa
Mary's Medicinals - Transdermal Patch - 1:1 CBD:THC
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Mary's Medicinals - Transdermal Patch - CBD
Mary's Medicinals - Transdermal Patch - CBN

We could provide you a long list of reputable awards and accomplishments around the country for this accessible brand, but we know you're not the type to be impressed. But in case you are: United Patients Group Seal of Approval, Cannabis Business Awards - Most Valuable Brand (2017), High Times Cannabis Cup - Best New Product - 3rd (2014), to name a few (out of 12).

As a Colorodo-based brand, Mary's Medicinals focused on developing therapeutic outcomes with scientific advancements for developing the cleanest methods of cannabis and hemp extract delivery to one's system. In addition to complying to each state's strictest testing standards, they use gas chromatograph mass spectrometer, nerd talk for high tech testing equipment, to test for cannabinoid and terpene content as an extra assurance.

Transdermal literally means "across the skin barrier," so you know this stuff is gonna course through your veins. Mary's has refined and formulated the most ideal method of cannabinoid application for those desiring it to be low dose, time-released.
In addition to therapeutic cannabinoids, these patches are terpene-enriched with linalool, limonene, β-pinene, and β-carlophyllene.

To use, clean the desired area you wish to place and allow to dry. Ensure this area contains enough veins to absorb into bloodstream, i.e. inside wrist, top of foot, back of the knee.
After removing clear plastic lining on patch, press onto skin to ensure it stays in place. Onset of patch's effects may be up to 30 minutes and may last up to 12 hours, so it may be left on continuously.
These patches are water-resistant and dosed proportionately to size. You may cut down patches for smaller dosing.

The following varieties of transdermal patches are available for purchase from Ganja Goddess:


THC - Sativa
Power on through your busy day with this discreet, smoke-free solution to fatigue and tiredness. This version will product mild psychotropic effects.

THC - Indica
Those with moderate to higher tolerances may enjoy the muscle relaxation in the daytime, but most people enjoy this at night for stress relief. This version will produce mild psychotropic effects.

Formally known as the acidic sister of THC, this purportedly non-psychoactive cannabinoid is considered the "raw" form, found in live and cured plants prior to intense heat exposure. Scientific research has shown it to be effective at assuaging gastrointestinal-related issues, from nausea to inflammation-based Crohn's disease. Due to 1:1 THC:THCa ratio, this version will produce mild psychotropic effects.


This has anecdotally been ideal to tackle chronic pain, nausea, and muscle spascitcity for those desiring a little less psychoactivity, but just enough THC to finish the job.
Phobias, anxieties, and fears will be assuaged with this CBD-dominant formula.

Other Cannabinoids

Now what is CBN? Cannabinol is a slightly psychotropic cannabinoid found in our favorite flower, usually causing sleepiness and restfulness. If you have sensitivity to THC, and CBD is not soothing enough on its own, this is a perfect avenue for you! There is minimal THC and CBD contained in it.

Notes to Customers

Please select Additional Information for testing, ingredients, and suggested uses.

Pictures are not indicative of all varieties.

Items not listed in pricing area are likely out of stock due to distribution or manufacturing delays.

More Information
More Information
Good For - THC- Sativa: Energizing, Mood Elevation, Fatigue Relief
- THC-Indica: Mood Elevation, Muscle Relaxation
- THCa: Inflammation Relief, Gastrointestinal Relief
- 1:1 CBD:THC: Mild Pain Relief, Muscle Relaxation, Stress Relief
- CBD: Anxiety Relief, Stress Relief, Depression Relief
- CBN:/ Restfulness, Insomnia Relief
Ingredients Acrylic, glycol, lecithin, oleic acid, cannabis extract, eucalyptol, terpenes
Testing - THC- Sativa: 17.24mg THC, 0.06mg CBD
- THC-Indica: 17.56mg THC, 1.79mg CBD
- THCa: 10.38mg THC, 10.64mg THCa, 0.02mg CBD
- 1:1 CBD:THC: 4.80mg THC, 4.84mg CBD
- CBD: 0.29mg THC, 8.74mg CBD
- CBN:/ 1.23mg THC, 1.79mg CBD, 9.59mg CBN
Dosage Goddess Delivers does not give medical advice.

Any new medication should be taken in small increments until the correct dosage is identified for the specific condition.

We recommend that you speak to your doctor about what dosage is right for you.
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