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Vegan Edibles
Looking for a cannabis edible free of dairy and eggs? If you are a California MMJ patient, we can deliver them right to your front door!
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  1. Lord Jones - Vegan Products

    Starting at $51.00

  2. Eden's Cure - Vegan Products

    Starting at $11.00

  3. Liquid Gold Chocolate Bars - Vegan Products

    Starting at $22.00

  4. Ganja Goddess Raw Cacao Roses

    Starting at $17.00

  5. Dr. B-Well CBD Tincture Dr. B-Well CBD Tincture
    Dr. B-Well CBD Tincture
    Special Price $47.60 Regular Price $56.00
  6. Mackenzie Medicinals

    Starting at $36.00

  7. Ganja Goddess Oil
    Ganja Goddess Oil
    Special Price $31.20 Regular Price $39.00
  8. High Tea

    Starting at $11.00

  9. POP Naturals Honey Oil

    Starting at $25.00

  10. Veda Chews

    Starting at $13.00

  11. Ganja Goddess Capsules

    Starting at $45.00

Grid List

14 Items

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