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Chemdawg (Hybrid)



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Chemdawg is a sativa leaning hybrid that includes Sour Diesel and OG Kush throughout its genetics.

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Chemdawg is a sativa leaning hybrid that counts Sour Diesel and OG Kush among its genetics. It has a smooth diesel smell with some hints of citrus throughout. The high should be well balanced, bringing in elements of sativa and indica to make an all around type of medicine that produces a relaxing cerebral experience. Could be great for those targeting stress, pain, anxiety, and/or nausea.

This batch of Chemdawg is an outdoor, ALL ORGANIC grow from Paradiso Farms. The buds are mostly midsize, hairy, and a good consistency.
Flower Type Hybrid
Good For Pain Relief Well Being Relaxation Inflammation
Grow Type Outdoor
WARNING Smoke from cannabis contains chemicals, including benzene and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
  • End the Night Right! Review by Matthew

    Wow! I work a night shift that ends at 230 am. After work, its sometimes hard to "wind" down and get sleep ready. CHEMDAWG solves that problem for me. it don't take much either, a couple of doses and I'm medicated to the correct amount and get to rest quickly. I can see this Hybrid being awesome for other issues like stress or anxiety also. (Posted on 2/16/2018)

  • OMG! Review by Michael

    Normally, I smoke to either sleep or to shut down a brain that works too fast and too far. Although I seldom smoke during the day, when I do, it's usually because I'm going to chill with an old movie, watch David Lynch, or watch my son play Persona or some such activity in which I want my brain to shut down and rest.

    Normally, I purchase strong Indicas for my nighttime, and look at Sativa or Hybrid for daytime use. I purchased a small amount of ChemDawg for my son, because it is supposed to be good for depression (his main condition) and isn't supposed to trigger paranoia (triggered by most sativas and many hybrids). One afternoon, while preparing to shut down for a few hours after a stressful day, I decided to give it a try -- I barely finished one small bowl. Body was almost gone -- felt like I was floating. The psychoactive impact was almost explosive. I sank into the couch for several hours, as all the stress melted from my body and brain, BUT, unlike most Indicas, it wasn't a dopey or drowsy relaxation.

    The phychoactive elements might have clouded my short-term memory, but the experience was amazing. So much so, that although I had a quarter oz on hand, I immediately ordered a full oz, for a long-term stash. I won't be using it, everyday -- but, when I need to shut down and escape to relax, THIS is my #1 choice.

    This is NOT a strain to attempt if you're going to be busy and need to be clear. This is when you need to giggle, chill, and be happy or creative.
    (Posted on 12/31/2017)

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