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Lulu's Artisan Cannabis-Infused Dark Chocolates

Lulu's Artisan Cannabis-Infused Dark Chocolates

Lulu's Chocolate is a company dedicated to providing ethical and high-quality chocolates. They're organic, fair trade, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan-friendly, paleo-friendly, low-glycemic, and created from sustainable practices in sustainable packaging. So much good in such a cute tiny form!

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Lulu's Chocolates - Awake (Sativa)
Lulu's Chocolates - Relax (Indica)

Consciousness is important to Lulu's Artisan Cannabis-Infused Dark Chocolate. They only use fair-trade ingredients, made soy- & gluten-free.

They also understand the importance of dietary requirements, so their dark chocolates are organic, paleo- and vegan-friendly.
Our customers with diabetes may also rest easy knowing low glycemic-index coconut sugar is used for all of these edibles.
To tie their ethical standards together, they only use sustainable practices, from the cannabis to the packaging.

Their cannabis is extracted using steam distillation techniques to retain the original live terpenes, elminiating the need for solvents.
Health is their top priority, for they even triple test their products prior to the state requirements before releasing to distributors.

The following varieties are available for purchase from our California-wide delivery service:

Awake (Sativa)
This microdose medible with 70% cacao was designed for energizing one's mind and creating stamina as a result.
Cannabionid Testing: 3.68mg THC, 6.25mg CBD

Relax (Indica)
Combined with terpenes tradtiionally known to soothe one's mind, this microdose medible is perfect for unwinding without being bogged down.
Cannabinoid Testing: 4.12mg THC, 6.36mg CBD

Notes to Customers

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More Information
More Information
Good For - Well-Being
- Energizing (Awake)
- Relaxation (Relax)
Ingredients - Awake (Sativa): raw cacao, coconut sugar, higher vision super oil (THC distillate, live cannabis terpenes), CBD oil, 2 tone coffee, proprietary herb blend (kola nut, yerba mate, keemun, guarana, tribulus, pu-erh, ho shou wu, Jatoba, Mexican sarsaparilla, red date, suma, astragalus, maca, tang kuei, lycii, ginger, american ginseng, eleuthero, ashwagandha), vanilla bean, sea salt & love

- Relax (Indica): raw cacao, coconut sugar, higher vision super oil (THC distillate, live cannabis terpenes), CBD oil, proprietary herb blend (turmeric, ginger, burdock, solomon’s seal, cat’s claw, green tea, wild yam, rose hips, bayberry, pau d’Arco, ashwagandha, chinese ginger, chamomile, iporuru, licorice, bilberry, gotu kola, boldo, hyssop, yarrow, wood betony, Mexican sarsaparilla), vanilla bean, sea salt & love
Testing - Awake (Sativa):3.68mg THC, 6.25mg CBD
- Relax (Indica): 4.12mg THC, 6.36mg CBD
Dosage Goddess Delivers does not give medical advice.
Any new medication should be taken in small increments until the correct dosage is identified for the specific condition.
We recommend that you speak to your doctor about what dosage is right for you.
WARNING Certain cannabis products sold here contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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