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3.5g - Strawberry Banana (Indica) - Lowell Herb Co.

3.5g - Strawberry Banana (Indica) - Lowell Herb Co.

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Lowell Herb Co. sources only all-natural, organic flower grown seasonally and ethically by their favorite California farms. Strawberry Banana is famous for producing a state of peaceful euphoria, and this particularly potent indica phenotype packs a serious punch of THC!


This phenotype of Strawberry Banana leans heavily on the indica side of its lineage, producing sedative effects that will leave you in a state of complete peace. This strain is known for its intensely sweet, resin-coated buds that sparkle with trichomes. With THC potency nearing 30%, Strawberry Banana is not for the inexperienced, but its legendary euphoric and stress-relieving properties have made it a longtime favorite of cannabis connoisseurs.

For over 100 years, Lowell Herb Co. has delivered premium California-grown cannabis from their farms to your hands. Their long history began when William “Bull” Lowell started to grow what was called Indian Hemp on his central coast farm, which led to the passing of the 1913 Poison Act, effectively outlawing cannabis in California. Bull believed that the benefits of cannabis should be enjoyed, so he continued to cultivate his beloved plant, and he was ultimately jailed in pursuit of his passion. Today, Lowell Herb Co. honors Bull’s memory by continuing “the tradition of growing cannabis naturally and with a deep love and respect for the plant.”

Each jar of Lowell Herb Co. Strawberry Banana contains 3.5g (1/8oz) of cannabis flower.

Average Potency: 29% THC, 0.06% CBD

More Information
More Information
Flower Type Indica
Good For - Stress Relief
- Mood Elevation
- Euphoria
- Pain Relief
Grow Type Outdoor
WARNING Smoke from cannabis contains chemicals, including benzene and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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