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Lit. Club Artisanal Pre-Rolls - Blueberry (Hemp CBD)

Lit. Club Artisanal Pre-Rolls - Blueberry (Hemp CBD)


Enjoy the symphony of blueberry flavors from this Hemp CBD Pre-Roll by Lit. Club, which contains zero THC whatsoever. Scroll down to Details for important information prior to purchasing.

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Remember the fresh fragrances and flavors of Lit. Club from 2018? Well, they're back with an entire array of terpy & THC-laden pre-rolls ideal for social scenes!

 As first place winners of L.A. Weekly's 1st Annual Desert Smoke-Off, they surely impressed from packaging to the smooth burn, and everything in between!

Let's start with the shatter-resistant borosilicate tube. You can nearly drop on any surface with little to no damage (except concrete because - science). 

No other brand has this high-quality investment in their packaging, which was specifically designed for the easiest method of removing the joint - the Flick. Simply unscrew the top, and flick in an up-to-down motion, in a Wingardium Leviosa fashion ("wand-like" for you non-Harry Potter nerds). These gorgeous cannabis cones emerge in perfect form.

Before you even flick out these pre-rolls, you'll immediately notice the significant fragrance + flavor profile with which Lit.Club classifies their varieties. These unique distinctions between varieties are unlike any other brand on the market as well.

At last, the most beautiful part of Lit.Club's pre-rolls is their proprietary 5-step separation process from greenhouse to packing that ensures a gourmet-like experience of cannabis unlike any other. This guarantees the smoothest, most even burn.

This Blueberry-flavored Hemp CBD pre-roll contains zero THC, for zero cannabis was used in production, only Hemp CBD.


More Information
More Information
Flower Type CBD
Good For - Well Being
- Stress Relief
Grow Type Greenhouse
WARNING Smoke from cannabis contains chemicals, including benzene and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

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