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Lamb's Bread (Sativa)


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Lamb's Bread, also known as Lamb's Breath, is a well-known and pungent sativa strain.

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Lamb's Bread, also known as Lamb's Breath, is a well-known and pungent sativa strain. The scent, other than simply being pungent, is particularly skunky with some undertones of diesel or perhaps something more sour. Known for a high that boosts one's energy and leads to positive introspection, Lamb's bread may help relieve any pent up stress you've acquired from the day and/or help ease depression. The origin of this flower comes from Jamaica and it has even been reported that Bob Marley himself often favored this delightful cannabis strain.

This batch of Lamb's Bread is an indoor grow from our friends at Blue Jay Farms. The buds are smaller to midsize, somewhat light and airy, and feature long, orange hairs that give off a sort of devil-may-care attitude.
Flower Type Sativa
Good For Pain Relief Well Being Relaxation Inflammation
Grow Type Indoor
WARNING Smoke from cannabis contains chemicals, including benzene and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information go to
  • I Recommend This Strain Review by Albey

    I have just smoked a small pinch of this strain using my home made pipe. The instant feeling that one receive after inhaling this strain is sublime. You brain begins to make fun of everything that's around you which then makes you smile and giggle like a fool. This sensation continues on while then you start feeling as if you entire body is lighter than it was before. I highly recommend you try this and If you don't like it I will go swim with sharks record it then upload it online to apologize to whom ever found this strain unsavory. (Posted on 3/6/2018)

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