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Kurvana Originals Vape Cartridges

Kurvana Originals Vape Cartridges

Integrating patient feedback and breakthrough technology, Kurvana Originals offer a dual-coiled cartridge with terpene-added flavors adding an entourage effect to each strain available.

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Kurvana Originals Cart - Blue Dream (Sativa)
Kurvana Originals Cart - Pineapple Express (Sativa)
Kurvana Originals Cart - Grapefruit Kush (Hybrid)
Kurvana Originals Cart - Original Blueberry (Indica)

Kurvana Originals are terpene-heavy cartridges, which differs from their cannabinoid-heavy cartridges, ASCND, for that very reason. These three blends of varying natural cannabis flavor molecules complement the strain-specific carts for a colorful and potent experience!

These half-gram cartridges (0.5mL) come in the following strains:

Blue Dream (Sativa)
 A creamy, fruity, flower classic that needs no introduction.
Testing: 78.10% THC, 0.27% CBD, 0.46% CBN, 4.21% CBG, 0.98% CBC

Pineapple Express (Sativa)
A tropical blend of fresh apple, mango, pineapple, and subtle cedar.
Testing: 75.04% THC, 0.48% THCV, 0.35% CBD, 1.25% CBC, 3.35% CBG, 0.45% CBN

Grapefruit Kush (Hybrid)
The refreshingly tart taste of grapefruit, balanced by a pinch of sugary sweetness.
Testing: 76.83% THC, 0.29% THCV, 0.26% CBD, 0.79% CBC, 3.95% CBG, 0.44% CBN

Original Blueberry (Indica)
A creamy draw with a rich, confectionary taste reminiscent of a blueberry muffin.
Testing: 76.74% THC, 0.16% CBD, 3.11% CBG, 0.67% CBC, 0.39% CBN 

Kurvana Original Cartridges have new packaging!
Formerly known as KPEN, they're now in a box instead of a tube, but the product is the same.


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