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Korova Edibles Cannabis-Infused Mini Cookies

Korova Edibles Cannabis-Infused Mini Cookies

Korova Edibles are unrivaled for consistency in desirable effect and unique flavors, and this wide selection of baked edibles, from vegan to CBD-containing, take the cake, or rather mini cookies! 

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Korova Edibles - Saturday Morning Mini Cookies
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Korova Edibles - Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies
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Korova Edibles - Double Chocolate Mini Cookies
Korova Edibles - Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Mini Cookies
Korova Edibles - Sativa Toffee Mini Cookies
Korova Edibles - Pure CBD Vanilla Bean Mini Cookies

Korova means "cow" in Russian, elucidating the third-eye wearing mascot.
This esoteric reference to Stanley Kubrik's film Clockwork Orange is just part of the quirky yet powerful brand of edibles.

Besides being transparent about ingredients and effects, Korova is also upfront about their manfucaturing date and how long their products last - 6 months with refrigeration.

The following varieties of mini cookies are now sold at Ganja Goddess in cookie 10-packs:

Saturday AM - 100mg THC
Recall the yabba-dabba endorsed fruity rice pebbles and magically delicious marshmallow, add them to a sugar cookie, and you've got this treat in hand, in 10mg THC servings.

Chocolate Chip - 100mg THC
Get baked with these classic chocolate chip mini cookies offered in 10mg THC servings.

Double Chocolate - 100mgTHC
If you're going not afraid to go on the dark side, you'll find splendor and delight in each rich bite of these 10mg THC cookies.

Vegan Oatmeal - 100mg  THC
Medicating with cannabis doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your morals for the good stuff. This healthier variety is spackled with molasses to balance the crispy oatmeal. Each mini cookie is 10mg THC.

Sativa Toffee - 100mg THC
Finally, a baked edible that's specific to your general mood preference. If you desire an upbeat, energetic aura, these sweet & salty treats.

CBD Vanilla Bean - 150mg CBD
Those of us who desire 0mg THC offerings will enjoy the pervasive vanilla flavor encompassing these adorable little sugar cookies.
15mg CBD is included in each cookie

Notes to Customers

Items not listed in pricing area are likely due to manufacturing and / or distribution delays.

Select More Information for additional information on ingredients, serving size recommendations, and testing.

More Information
More Information
Good For - Well Being
- Euphoria
Ingredients - Saturday AM: flour, fruity rice cereal, brown sugar, sugar, cannabis, butter, eggs, mini-marshmallows, baking powder, salt, vanilla extract
- Chocolate Chip:
- Double Chocolate:
- Vegan Oatmeal:
- Sativa Toffee:
- CBD Vanilla BeanL:
Testing Saturday AM, Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Vegan Oatmeal, Sativa Toffee: 100mg THC per package; 10 cookies per package
CBD Vanilla Bean: 150mg CBD per package; 10 cookies per package
Dosage Saturday AM, Chocolate Chip, Double Chocolate, Vegan Oatmeal, Sativa Toffee: 10mg THC per cookies.
CBD Vanilla Bean: 15mg CBD per cookie

Goddess Delivers does not give medical advice.
Any new medication should be taken in small increments until the correct dosage is identified for the specific condition.
We recommend that you speak to your doctor about what dosage is right for you.
WARNING Certain cannabis products sold here contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects, or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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