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Key Extracts - Live Resin Concentrates - 0.5g

Key Extracts - Live Resin Concentrates - 0.5g

Grab these extremely affordable half-gram live resin concentrates created by Key Extracts, in either sugar or sauce form. Scroll down to Details for pertinent information before purchasing.

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Key Extracts - LR Sugar - 99 Cookies (Hybrid)
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Key Extracts - LR Sugar - Bio Diesel (Hybrid)
Key Extracts - LR Sauce (HTFSE) - WiFi (Sativa-Hybrid)
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Ganja Goddess is expanding our variety of live resin (LR) cannabis concentrates with Key Extracts
Lock your eyes into the gorgeous crystalline sugars and sauces replete with fragrant terpenes.

The following strains are available in half-gram sizes for purchasing from our statewide delivery serivce:


99 Cookies (Hybrid)
Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) has created multitudes of progeny from unique crosses that maintain the original desirable qualities, like earthy flavors and total body relaxation. This version is a potent phenotype.
Genetics for this strain are Forum Cut GSC, OG Kush, Chem, and Cinderella 99.
Testing: THC: 70.70% (353.5mg), CBD: ND

Bio Diesel (Hybrid)
Gear up for the result of a four way cross between NYC Diesel, Original Diesel, Sour Diesel, and Sensi Star.
Relieve headaches and stress without feeling weighted down by mental incapacitations. Just don't try any calculus.
Testing: THC: 58.60% (293mg), CBD: ND

Sauce (HTFSE)

WiFi (Sativa-Hybrid)
This strain is originally known as White Fire for the gorgeous appearance of its flowers - white trichomes galore! 
Expect an energized experience after vaporizing this high terpene full spectrum extract, aka sauce.
Testing: THC: 73.60% (368mg), CBD: ND

Notes to Customers

Pictures are not indicative of all varieties.


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