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Humboldt Farms - Premium Live Resin Honey Oil - 1g

Humboldt Farms - Premium Live Resin Honey Oil - 1g

Our friends at Humboldt Farms have created a potent line of Live Resin honey oils produced from fresh-frozen flowers to preserve the original flavors and essences of the cannabis flower. Please read Details for pertinent information before purchasing.

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Humboldt Farms - Live Resin Oil - Lemon Banana (Sativa)
Humboldt Farms - Live Resin Oil - Kandy Kush (Hybrid)
Humboldt Farms - Live Resin Oil - SFV OG (Indica)

Humboldt Farms has created premium concentrates extracted using BHO methods and only freshly-frozen cannabis.
This method, called Live Resin, preserves the natural cannabinoid and terpene content usually lost during the curing process.

The following varieties of honey oil are available for purchase in 0.5 gram sizes from Ganja Goddess, our statewide cannabis delivery service:

Lemon Banana (Sativa)
Cannabinoid Testing: 69.37% THC, 0.11%

Kandy Kush (Hybrid)
Cannabinoid Testing: 65.53% THC, 0.14% CBD

SFV OG (Indica)
Cannabinoid Testing: 70.54% THC, 0% CBD


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