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Honey Butter Rosin Co. Solventless Rosin - 1g

Honey Butter Rosin Co. Solventless Rosin - 1g

HoneyButter Solventless Rosin is a full gram of high THC content concentrate produced from sun-grown flower.

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Honey Butter - Rosin - Cobbler (Hybrid)
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Honey Butter - Rosin - Key Lime (Hybrid)
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Honey Butter - Rosin - Butter's Breath (Hybrid)
Honey Butter - Rosin - Peach Ringz (Indica-Hybrid)
Honey Butter - Rosin - Meyer Lemon (Hybrid)

Ganja Goddess, your favorite statewide delivery service, presents this insta-famous brand of handcrafted solventless rosin by HoneyButter Rosin Co. 

Named for the founders' beloved pit bull and bull mastiff, this growing brand uses only sun-grown flower (#soiltooil) from Mendocino County.

Due to the flavorful and pure nature of this rosin, it is recommended to only dab at low temperatures or mix with or on top of cannabis flower. Store in refrigerator for optimal storage conditions.

Each of the following strains have a fantastically high THC content within a 1 full gram container:

Cobbler (Hybrid)
Testing: 86.17% cannabinoids; 73.78mg THCΔ9, 0mg CBD

Key Lime (Hybrid)
Testing: 88.13% cannabinoids; 64.15mg THCΔ9, 0mg CBD

Butter's Breath (Hybrid)
Testing: 76.23% cannabinoids; 52mg THCΔ9, 0mg CBD

Meyer Lemon (Hybrid)
Testing: 80.29% cannabinoids; 65.4mg THCΔ9, 0mg CBD

Peach Ringz (Indica-Hybrid)
Testing: 80.55% cannnabinoids; 36.07mg THCΔ9, 0mg CBD 

Notes to Customers

Pictures are not indicative of all varieties.

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