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Goddess Kit

Goddess Kit


The Goddess Kit is a discreet travel case for smokers on the go. Each kit is housed in a small insulated case to contain smells and repel water. The hard shell case keeps your glass protected, so just throw it in your bag and forget about it!

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We have created a customized kit for your travel smoking needs. This budget friendly pack of cannabis accessories is as functional as it is discreet, complete with an odor-containing padded case. 

Each kit includes:

(1) Padded Travel Case
This protective case is water-repellant and prevents pipe from shattering on the go.
(1) 3-Inch Glass Pipe
Variety of colors may vary.
(1) Glass Chillum*
This cylindrical open-ended device used in ancient times by Indian monks can be loaded with herb on one herb while being lit similar to a cigarette, inhaling on the opposite end.
(1) Plastic Joint Protector
This plastic case will house 1 joint or other rolled cannabis item while protecting from the elements.
(1 pack) RAW Rolling Papers (Classic)
1 1/4 size, 50 natural unrefined leaves for rolling the perfect joint.
(1) Poker
Used to compact one's joint or dry herb vaporizer.

*Chillum not pictured.

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