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Guild Extracts Premium Concentrates

Guild Extracts Premium Concentrates

Explore outside the confines of typical cannabis users with Guild Extracts, a company built by experienced concentrate creators. Ganja Goddess offers live resin and Delta-8 THC options!

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Guild Extracts - Live Resin - Berry White (Indica-Hybrid) - 1g
Guild Extracts - Delta-8 - Dr. Who (Hybrid) - 1g

Guild Extracts is just that - a guild of artists banding together to hone their craft with only customers and cultivators in mind.
They have revolutionized the categorization of concentrates, from cannabis, pure THCA crystalline (diamonds), to CBD sap, you'll always be guaranteed a masterful creation.

The following concentrates are available for purchase from Ganja Goddess:

Live Resin
These cannabis extracts use fresh, rather than cured, flowers to preserve maximum terpenes and additional flavor molecules.

Berry White (Indica-Hybrid)
Testing: 732.7mg THCA, 685.3mg total THC (0.88THCA+ Δ9THC),  <2mg CBD per package  

Delta-8 THC
Ganja Goddess would like to introduce a rare cannabinoid not often mentioned due difficulty in isolation.
With a patent-pending process, Guild Extracts have isolated this novel compound for vaping or dabbing! Daytime use is optimal due to the clear-headed effect Delta-8 produces. 
Expect a less paranoid high, especially great for those dealing with anxiety.
Nausea and pain relief have also been reported in some preliminary research.

Dr. Who (Hybrid)
Testing: 507.4mg Δ8THC, 46.2mg total THC (0.88THCAΔ9THC), <2mg CBD per package


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