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Goldline Extracts Artisanal Hashish (Hybrid) - 1g

Goldline Extracts Artisanal Hashish (Hybrid) - 1g


Goldline Extracts Artisanal Hashish, alo known as "temple balls, were produced from a cross between Strawberry Banana (Hybrid) and Grape OG (Indica). This cacao-brown, sticky ball of hashish holds together, and exudes a fruity blend reminiscent of the strains used!

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Goldline Extracts of Best Life® creates a top-of-the line concentrates, and their latest hashish takes it to a whole new level.

Using a low temperature press and solvent-free extraction, these concentrates are strong, very pungent, and extremely clean and pure.

These balls of sticky hash are also known as "temple balls," are forms of concentrate used for thousands of years, tracing back to the Nepal region. One may find it is best consumed by adding small amounts to a flower medley for an extra punch in flavor and potency - bowl, joint, or otherwise.

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