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Goldline Extracts Artisanal Rosin

Goldline Extracts Artisanal Rosin

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Goldline Rosin Cannatonic (CBD) - 1g

Goldline Extracts of Best Life® creates a top-of-the line concentrates, and their latest hashish takes it to a whole new level. This rosin has been pressed at a slightly higher temperature to produce a rosin oil, instead of coins. Using solvent-free extraction, these concentrates are strong, very pungent, and extremely clean and pure. They retain a higher oil content, and which help dabs burn longer at lower temperatures. Good for headaches, depression, and nausea. Goldline Extracts Rosins are available by the gram.

Platinum Jack (Sativa) ------------ N/A
Cannatonic* (CBD)---------------- 23.61% THC, 50.23% CBD

* This batch is pressed slightly longer to give it an oily consistency, instead of the usual coins.


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