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Gio Vape Cartridges by Herbology - Cannabis Terpenes

Gio Vape Cartridges by Herbology - Cannabis Terpenes

Herbology Gio Cartridges utilize proprietary technology to provide a singular vaping experience. Using artisanal extraction methods, Herbology is able to preserve the original flavors and unique compounds of each cannabis strain. Herbology’s line of Cannabis Terpene Gio Carts only contain terpenes derived from cannabis plants, so your cartridge will taste exactly as it's supposed to.

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Gio Cart by Herbology - Strawberry Banana (Hybrid)
Gio Cart by Herbology - Purple Grapefruit (Hybrid)
Gio Cart by Herbology - Ghost OG (Indica)
Gio Cart by Herbology - Chemdawg Sauce (Hybrid)
Gio Cart by Herbology x F/ELD - Sour Sunset Sauce (Hybrid)

With Herbology’s line of Gio Cartridges, the difference is in the terpenes!

Herbology is known for producing the finest pharma-grade cannabis concentrates, now contained within patented G Pen Gio hardware, the revolutionary brainchild of Grenco Science. Herbology’s main focus is research, specifically into the field of terpenes. Terpenes are aromatic oils produced by plants that are responsible for flavor and scent. In cannabis plants, terpenes play an invaluable role in delivering the therapeutic compounds in cannabis to the biological systems in the human body.

Herbology Gio Cartridges burn cleaner, longer, and more efficiently than many of their competitors due to their proprietary hardware that features sleek design, a longer battery life, easy breath activation, maximum vapor, and full cannabis flavor!

In Herbology’s Cannabis Terpene-Enriched Gio Cartridges, CO2-extracted cannabis oil is paired with terpenes derived entirely from cannabis plants. Terpenes are specially selected to match the flavor profile of each strain, so your oil will taste just like the flower from which it was made! These strains tend to have a lower THC content, but the added benefits of the full spectrum of cannabis terpenes that aid in total body relief!


Herbology Cannabis-Terpene Enriched Gio Cartridges are available in the following varieties:

Strawberry Banana (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 54% THC, 0% CBD

Purple Grapefruit (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 65% THC, 1.5% CBD

Ghost OG (Indica)
Average Potency: 75% THC, 1% CBD

Full-Spectrum Sauce

Chemdawg (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 54% THC, 0% CBD

 Herbology x F/ELD Sour Sunset (Hybrid)
Average Potency: 60% THC, 1% CBD


 Each Herbology Gio Cartridge contains 0.5g (500mg) of oil.

Herbology Gio Cartridges were developed in tandem with the G Pen Gio battery system. To use, insert the metal end of the cartridge pod into the battery, making sure to line up the “G” on the battery and the cartridge. Press firmly until you hear a click, then simply draw from the mouthpiece of your Gio and enjoy the delicious benefits of terpene-enriched Herbology Gio Cartridges!

 Gio cartridges are designed to be used only with the G Pen Gio Battery, sold separately.


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