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Ghost OG (Indica)

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Ghost OG (Indica) - 1 gram
Ghost OG (Indica) 4g - 1/8oz
Ghost OG (Indica) 7g - 1/4oz
Ghost OG (Indica) 14g - 1/2oz
Ghost OG (Indica) 28g - 1oz
Ghost OG (Indica)
Ghost OG is an OG Kush variety with the classic sweet pine and cannabis skunk scent. This indica hybrid has a strong body effect with just enough cerebral euphoria to allow one to still be social. Good for pain, insomnia, stress, and nausea.

This batch of Ghost OG is from an indoor grow by the Grow Guys. The buds are sticky, pungent, and bulbous.
Flower Type Indica
Good For Pain Relief Well Being Relaxation Inflammation Insomnia
Grow Type Indoor
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