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G Pen Gio Battery

G Pen Gio Battery


Grenco Science x Herbology produce a flawless system of this Gio Battery and assorted collection of high-quality cannabis cartridges meant specifically for this Gio Battery.

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G Pen introduces it's brand new vaporizing system created for ease of use with a modern interface. This higher-end device may be your choice for sharing at a party or a long commute home -- discretion is key for Gio Battery.

Grenco Science is a device company designing cannabis-focused products. The G Pen product line is specialized for a unique cartridge system to deliver high quality cannabis oil.

Herbology has Gio Battery in mind when designing pharmaceutical-grade cartridges that are user-friendly. It only seems fit they have their branded version of the Gio Pen offered at a reasonable price.

If you're wanting to upgrade your vaping experience, look no further than G Pen's Gio Battery
The low reported fail rate speaks for itself!

Notes to Customer

Gio Battery and half-gram (0.5mL) cartridges sold separately.


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