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Froot Loops (Hybrid)

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Product Name Price Quantity
Froot Loops (Hybrid) - 1 Gram
Froot Loops (Hybrid) 4g - 1/8oz
Froot Loops (Hybrid) 7g - 1/4oz
Froot Loops (Hybrid) 14g - 1/2oz
Froot Loops (Hybrid) 28g - 1oz
Froot Loops (Hybrid)
Froot Loops is a specially bred indica leaning hybrid strain from Top Hat Organics derived from a cross of Granddaddy Purple, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, and Sour Deep Chunk. Froot Loops has a traditional fruity purple scent that melds with sharp skunk undertones. This mind blowing strain is primed to be the new hotness and sure to win awards! Good for pain, stress, and nausea.

This is an indoor, soil-based, spray-free batch exclusively from Top Hat Organics. The buds are tight and sticky with a purple tint.
Flower Type Hybrid
Good For Pain Relief Well Being Relaxation Nausea Appetite Issues
Grow Type Indoor
  • Loopy Frooty Frootay Loopay lol Review by 420WeedLegend100ThousandMiles

    I had seen this strain on the menu over at Collective Efforts, but was never able to obtain it since it had been sold so quickly. Fortunately I was able to obtain this soil based spray free grow version probably much better! An exquisite strain, grown by master growers. Thank you. (Posted on 4/26/2017)

  • WOW Review by Chris

    This is amazing. Hats off to the grower. Incredibly fruity, slight earth and pine taste but tremendous fruity notes throughout. Un real. Reminds me of platinum cookies but stronger. Really knocked me out for some sleep. I've smoked some great weed, Jungle Bous wedding cake, Forum cookies from here @ Goddess. This strain is right up there. Wow! Going to reorder its going to sell out! (Posted on 3/2/2017)

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