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STR8 Organics x F/ELD - Rosin Badder - Papaya (Indica-Hybrid) - 1g

STR8 Organics x F/ELD - Rosin Badder - Papaya (Indica-Hybrid) - 1g


F/ELD Extracts, known for their "ultra-premium" concentrates, has collaborated with STR8 Organics to bring this Papaya Rosin Badder to the party, and it's sure to be the belle of the ball. This full-spectrum extract is produced without solvents for the highest possible quality in both taste and cannabinoid content.


 F/ELD Extracts have partnered with STR8 Organics to create their one-of-a-kind Papaya Rosin Badder. F/ELD is known for their "ultra-premium" concentrates, and their newest offering is no exception. Papaya Rosin Badder tastes as good as it sounds, sweet and fruity with an herby kick, a treat fit for a tropical paradise!

STR8 Organics' award-winning Papaya extract is an indica-dominant hybrid that won't leave you locked to the couch. It produces the full-body relaxation you'd expect from the offspring of an indica parent like Mango, but with an uplifting mental buzz that will kickstart your creativity. STR8 x F/ELD's Papaya Rosin Badder boasts the full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes for complete relief.

 F/ELD is a Los Angeles-based brand that has captivated cannabis aficionados across the globe with their "ultra-premium" concentrates. As winners of Spannabis 2018 (Zkittlez Live Resin), Chalice Cup 2018 (Forbidden Fruit Live Resin), and High Times Cannabis Cup Amsterdam 2018 (Gelato 41 Hash), they've proven time and time again that they're here to make a mark on the world of extracts.

Papaya Rosin Badder is made without the use of solvents, which ensures delicious flavor and purity you can trust!


  Each jar contains 1g of "ultra-premium" Papaya Rosin Badder (Average Potency: 73% THC, 0.1% CBD).

Concentrates in glass containers should be refrigerated to preserve their integrity.


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