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F/ELD Extracts - Reserve Ice Water Hash - Strawberry Banana (Indica) - 1g

F/ELD Extracts - Reserve Ice Water Hash - Strawberry Banana (Indica) - 1g


This Strawberry Banana Reserve Ice Hash by F/ELD Extracts is beyond any other ice hash you've ever seen or tried - trust us. Scroll down to Details for important information prior to purchasing.


F/ELD Extracts is a Los Angeles-based cannabis brand that has captivated audiences across the globe for their "ultra-premium" concentrates. As winners of Spannabis 2018 (Zkittlez Live Resin), Chalice Cup 2018 (Forbidden Fruit Live Resin), and High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam 2018 (Gelato 41 Hash), they've proven time and time again that they're here to make a mark on the world of extracts.

Reserve Ice Water Hash is made from strains of cannabis, grown indoors by F/ELD, that have been specially selected for their full-spectrum benefits.

This hash is so clean that it can be dabbed with little to no observed char.

Strawberry Banana is the Strawberry phenotype of Banana Kush x Bubble Gum. Yes, it's exactly how it sounds! Succulent strawberries and ripe bananas are quite prominent flavors once vaporized. As an indica-leaning hybrid, one may feel less stressed, significantly more relaxed, and a little boost of creativity doesn't hurt!

Cannabinoid Testing: 885.7mg THCa, 0.0mg CBD



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