Honey Oil (Now 3x Stronger!)

Honey Oil

This Canna Nectar Honey Oil is made from an ultra clean, pure CO2 process which produces the highest resin content of any we've seen. It's simply amazing in both quality and effect! Canna Medicinals has gone all out to make one of the highest quality honey oils on the market.
Honey oil is a very high THC and CBD concentrate similar to hash or wax. This Honey Oil tests at 61.3% THC and 1.6% CBD. Sticky and viscous, honey oil can be smoked, vaporized, or eaten for an intense and smooth high. Comes in individual syringes for easy disbursement whether using it in joints, bowls, or vaporizors.
Available in 1 gram or 3 gram dispensers. 

Price: $50.00

Choose the 1g or 3g dispenser