Gentleman's Brand Vapor Pens

Ambassador Kit V2

Choose between two options: the full featured Ambassador Kit (the new version 3 of the classic kit includes updated pens and cartridges) or the Micro-VapePlease take note of what each kit includes!
The Ambassador Kit is the full featured collection that includes the Double Agent vapor pen and the smaller more discreet Espionage Pen. The Double Agent has three different voltage settings while the slim Espionage Pen has one standard setting. Each kit also includes a Double Agent USB charger and wall plug adapter, an Espionage Pen usb charger, a reusable empty dry herb cartridge, a reusable empty hash oil cartridge, a metal mouthpiece, a mega V2 oil cartridge, and wax container, and a special aesthetically pleasing stablizing cone. The vapor pens work by heating up glycerin oil infused with THC for an easy and smooth smoke to create a gentle high. They can also use hash oil cartridges or dry cartridges for use with ground bud. The threading is eGo/510 compatible. Great for augmenting your normal medical needs. Vape discreetly and in style with the Gentleman's Brand Ambassador Kit!
The Micro-Vape is a super compact vapor pen specially designed for discreet use and easy portability. This vapor pen comes with a usb charger and an empty hash oil cartridge. The Stealth Vape will work with the E-30 tincture cartridges, High Strength Cartridges, and Hash Oil cartridges. It has a single universal heat setting and a great entry level price!
Check out the all new Gentleman's Brand Hash Oil cartridges (a cartridge pre-filled with Gentleman's Brand hash oil),  E-30 glycerin cartridges, High Strength glycerin cartridges, and the larger glycerin tincture tank.

Price: $99.00