Gentleman's Brand Dry Cartridges

Gentleman's Brand Dry Cartridge

These all new Gentleman's Brand Digital Pre-Rolls use straight bud or bud and hash combinations!  These cartridges come pre-filled with bud, and can be refilled with any bud or hash you like (waxes, hash oil, and full melts should be used with the Hash Oil cartridges).
Pre-filled dry bud cartridges now come in one size: large!  The cartridges have been redesigned to fit as much bud as possible while remaining discreet.  Digital Pre-Rolls are pre-packed with an indica or sativa option, but can be refilled with whatever ground bud you prefer!  The cartridges are 510 threading, female, and work with the standard Double Agent pen (included in the Ambassador Kit) from Gentleman's Brand. 

Price: $30.00