Ganja Goddess Gingerbread

Ganja Goddess Gingerbread

Ganja Goddess Gingerbread uses a unique blend of hybrid strains to produce a potent medical marijuana edible. Ganja Goddess Gingerbreads are very strong, and it is recommended you start with 1/4 or1/3 of a gingerbread, depending on your tolerance. Add more in small increments, as you need for your particular tolerance level. Allow 45 minutes or more for onset. Great for pain, insomnia, and anxiety.
Contains: organic ganja, canola oil, organic locally produced eggs, unbleached flour, sugar, molasses, organic raisins, salt, baking soda, and a special blend of spices.  Each gingerbread will contain about 38mg of active cannabinoids. This is less than the total THC of the Ganja Goddess Brownies, but depending on how your body processes these edibles, they can be just as strong if not stronger than the Brownies. We still STRONGLY recommend starting with small increments while determining dosage.
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6 or more Ganja Goddess Gingerbreads at $8 each

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