Ganja Goddess Brownie

Ganja Goddess Brownie

A classic favorite that combines indica, sativa, and gourmet baking to make a very strong and delicious edible.  These Ganja Goddess Brownies are famous far and wide for their powerful punch using an family recipe handed down through the generations.  A wonderful creative uplift, followed by a sweet relaxing effect.  Great for pain, insomnia, and anxiety.
Because these brownies are so strong, we recommend starting with no more than 1/4 or 1/3 of a brownie to test your tolerance the first time you medicate with them.  If after 45minutes or so, you need more, add in increments.  Allow 45 minutes or more for onset.  
Note:  There are nuts in this formulation. 
Contains: organic marijuana, organic butter, organic locally produced eggs, sugar, chocolate, unbleached flour, canola oil, pecans, cherries, and a special blend of spices.  Each edible contains around 93 mg of active cannabinoids.  Take caution when determining dosage, as the way your body processes these edibles could be different from your experience with other types and brands of edibles.
Special Discount for Qualifying Orders:
$8 per brownie for orders of 6 Ganja Goddess Brownies or more

Price: $9.00