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Dab Straw (Honey Stick)

Dab Straw (Honey Stick)


Dab straws are a simple and travel-friendly way to used to vaporize cannabis concentrates.

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Dab straws, also known as honey sticks, are vertical rigs used to vaporize cannabis concentrates off glass or ceramic dishes. They are a quick-fix for those who like to dab, but don't want to carry around your dab-kit. They are very easy to use, but they must be used with caution. These simplified devices may be used to inhale vaporized concentrates, whether it is crumble, shatter, or diamonds!

Recommended Tools: butane torch, silicone mat, concentrate dish (tempered glass, metal, or ceramic)

Using a high-flame butane torch (you CANNOT use a regular lighter), heat end of metal tip to red hot.
As soon as the red color disappears, lightly apply heated end to concentrate dish, dipping into concentrate or approaching from side. Concentrate will melt and vaporize against the heated metal. Gently inhale vapor through the glass mouth piece until satisfied. Move quickly as the metal tip does not stay hot enough to vaporize concentrate for more than a few seconds. Be careful not to totally submerge the tip of the straw into your concentrate as this may waste product and create unwanted buildup.


Dab straws require the use of very high temperatures and explosive gases.

Please use only around appropriate materials and with extreme caution.

Metal tip will remain heated for an extended period of time, please be cautious of where you place it after use.


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