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Creme De Canna - Live Resin Sap - Cremedy-Golden Pineapple (1:3⁺ CBD:THC) - 0.5g

Creme De Canna - Live Resin Sap - Cremedy-Golden Pineapple (1:3⁺ CBD:THC) - 0.5g


Creme De Canna Extracts is now offering this unique 1:3⁺ CBD:THC ratio strain, Cremedy-Golden Pineapple, in half gram size. Scroll down to Details for important information prior to purchasing.

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Established in Santa Cruz, Creme De Canna Extracts offers cannabis extracts that's easy on your pocketbook and free of animal cruelty (vegan) and gluten. This patient-focused brand also practices solely organic cultivation methods for optimal cannabinoid therapy development.

Shatter is a glass-like concentrate that easily fragments when pressure applied to the hard surface. This particular shatter is produced using BHO extraction methods. However, this article debunks the myth behind BHO's bad rep, for butane is fully purged from these concentrates, allowing only the final therapeutic plant compounds to remain in "shatter" form. 

 Creme de Canna Extracts' award-winning Cremedy strain was crossed with Golden Pineapple strain to produce a delicious concentrate possessing a unique 1:3+ CBD:THC ratio.

Cannabinoid Testing: 48.8% total THC, 13.8% total CBD

This strain is available in half-gram (0.5g) size only.


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