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CBD Alive Delayed-Release Capsules

CBD Alive Delayed-Release Capsules

CBD Alive Delayed-Release Capsules contains vegetarian capsules in 20-count bottles of 1:5 CBD:THC & 1:1 CBD ratios for powerful, anedotally therapeutic healing. Please scroll down to Details for important information prior to purchasing.

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CBD Alive - DR Capsule - THC Robust (1:5 CBD/THC)

CBD Alive was born from California's Redwood Country. This tight knit community combines sustainably growing CBD-rich medical cannabis and extractions via subcritical CO2 methods for vibrant, CBD-rich healing products.

Their Delayed-Release Capsules have been designed for superior delivery methods to one’s system.

By preventing degradation by stomach acid, these vegetarian capsules will bypass stomach for small intestinal absorption, equalling high bioavailability. Bioavailability is your body’s ability to recognize and process medicine efficiently. Greater bioavailability also means less cannabinoids are necessary to provide effective relief.

We highly recommend knowing one’s tolerance to ingested THC before trying THC Robust or Balanced formulas.

The following varieties are available for purchase from Ganja Goddess in 20-count bottles:

THC Robust (1:5 CBD:THC)

Also known as the “Rick Simpson Oil” ratio, this THC-dominant variety has been recommended for its cancer-fighting properties.

Cannabinoid Testing: 8.6mg THC, 1.75mg CBD per capsule


Balanced (1:1 CBD:THC)

Patients have been known to use this ratio for treating pain (including chronic), rheumatism, inflammation, stress, and depressed moods.

Cannabinoid Testing: 5mg THC, 5mg CBD per capsule


Notes to Customers

Due to sensitive nature of these perishable items, please refrigerate after opening.

Pictures are not indicative of all varieties.

Instructions: Start with 1 capsules daily, then gradually increase (≥4 days) with careful note on one’s body’s response

IngredientsCapsules are vegetarian-friendly - but not vegan. Pure CO2 - extracted cannabis oil, organic medium-chain triglyceride coconut oil; delayed-release vegetarian capsules (beeswax, silicon dioxide)


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