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BRITE Labs - CO₂ Jelly Wax - 1g

BRITE Labs - CO₂ Jelly Wax - 1g

Our customers who favored honey oil from Pop Naturals may turn to this scientifically-based brand, BRITE Labs, for their CO2 Jelly Wax has a superb flavor and retains many of the natural terpenes and cannabinoids necessary for the full spectrum entourage effect. Scroll down to Details for important information prior to purchasing.

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BRITE Labs - CO₂ Jelly Wax - Madman OG (Hybrid)

BRITE Labs has made it their mission to make pure cannabis and CBD extracts as true to the original plant composition as possible. Based in Oakland, CA, they have fostered close relationships with cultivars across Northern California for carefully-selected plants sourced for their therapeteutic qualities. By adhering to superior scientific standards and proprietary CO2 extraction methods, BRITE Labs specializes in strain-specific full spectrum extracts produced in small batches.

CO₂ Jelly Wax is a unique cannabis concentrates that mimics the pliability and consistency of jelly.BRITE Labs' extraction methods maximizes the natural terpene and cannabinoid content retained for a beautiully amber result.

Ganja Goddess is now carrying the following strains from BRITE Labs:


Hawaiian Dream

 Blue Dream (Sativa) and Maui Wowie's (Sativa) offspring may provide sporadic bursts of laughter, but what will always linger is the delicious earthy, fruity flavor.

Cannabinoid Testing: 60.6% total THC, 0.6% total CBD


Mendo Breath

 The relaxtion power of Mendo Breath is unparallaled. As the indica child of OGKB and Mendo Montage, this sweet-tasting strain was engineered to combat chronic pain and insomnia, so it's best enjoyed once you have settled in after a long day.

Cannabinoid Testing: 69% total THC, 0% total CBD


Madman OG

Rooted in Southern California, this hybrid strain was produced from crossing Los Angeles Confidential (Indica) and OG Kush(Indica). Get outta your mind with this predominantly piney palette.

Cannabinoid Testing: 58.2% total THC, 0% total CBD

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