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Bloom Farms Single Origin PAX Era Pods

Bloom Farms Single Origin PAX Era Pods

Bloom Farms has packaged their high quality cannabis oil in conveniently compatible PAX Era pods for your convenience. Please read Details below before purchasing.

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Product Name Qty
Bloom Farms PAX Era Pod - Tangie (Sativa)
Bloom Farms PAX Era Pod - Emerald Jack (Sativa)
Bloom Farms PAX Era Pod - Cherry Pie (Hybrid)
Bloom Farms PAX Era Pod - Gelato (Hybrid)
Bloom Farms PAX Era Pod - Black Domina (Indica)
Bloom Farms PAX Era Pod - GDP (Indica)
Bloom Farms PAX Era Pod - ACDC (3:1 CBD)

Bloom Farms has collaborated with PAX technology to produce a line of compatible pods designed exclusively for their PAX Era pen batteries. These half-gram-sized pods (0.5mL) include PAX's patented Simple-Click™ technology for straightforward assembly onto the battery - just pop it in and wait for the click!

Tangie (Sativa)
79.73% THC, 0.55% CBD, 1.78% CBN, 1.93% CBG
This citrus-laden oil delivers on euphoria and lightening the mood.

Emerald Jack (Sativa)
72.26% THC, 2.88% CBD, 2.33% CBN, 1.83% CBG
This offspring of famed Jack Herer brings to the table a great head-y experience.

Cherry Pie (Hybrid)
83.6% THC, 0.30% CBD, 8.23% CBN, 1.57% CBG
You'll feel giddy and relaxed simultaneously with this solid strain - great for first-timers and experienced consumers.

Gelato (Hybrid)
78.2% THC, 0.21% CBD, 1.82% CBN, 1.74% CBG
Smooth and indulgent are a few descriptions this strain and the dessert have in common.

Black Domina (Indica)
76.8% THC, 0.24% CBD, 1.51% CBN, 2.20% CBG
With the name taken from the night-colored buds, this strain will settle you in for the night.

GDP (Indica)
80.0% THC, 0.35% CBD, 2.62% CBN, 2.34% CBG
This potent relaxing strain is classically couch-locking and mind-numbing.
ACDC (3:1 CBD)
17.27% THC, 54.39% CBD, 0,95% CBN, 1.15% CBG
Those who prefer less psychoactive vaping experience may prefer this over half CBD content strain with an elevating sativa effect (minus paranoia).

Note to Customers

These pods are only compatible with PAX Era devices. 

Take care to carefully unpackage the pod from the box, but do not take apart the pod itself. It is supposed to be one single piece.

Pictures are not indicative of all varieties.

Products not listed in pricing area are likely out of stock.


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