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Bloom Farms Single Origin Highlighter Cartridges - 0.5g

Bloom Farms Single Origin Highlighter Cartridges - 0.5g

Bloom Farms makes high quality cannabis oil through CO2 extraction while offering optimal and safe mechanisms in their cartridges. Try the single origin half-gram cartridges for whatever mood you're in! Please scroll to Details for more information before purchasing.

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Product Name Qty
Bloom Farms CART - Create - Strawberry Lemonade (Sativa)
Bloom Farms CART - Create - Tangie (Sativa)
Bloom Farms CART - Create - Clementine (Sativa)
Bloom Farms CART - Create - Great White Shark (Sativa)
Bloom Farms CART - Enjoy - Snow Cap (Hybrid)
Bloom Farms CART - Enjoy - Golden Goat (Hybrid)
Bloom Farms CART - Enjoy - Tangerine Dream (Hybrid)
Bloom Farms CART - Relax - Purple Kush (Indica)

Bloom Farms has created quality vapor cartridges in 500mg (0.5mL) sizes via CO2 extraction methods. The cartridges themselves have been optimally designed for safety and efficacy, with leach-free thermoplastic and ceramic heating elements, respectively.

The following single-origin highlighter cartridges are available:


Strawberry Lemonade (Sativa)
82.5% THC, 0.32% CBD
The sativa love child of Strawberry Cough and Lemon OG is soothing, calming, and stimulates creativity.

Tangie (Sativa)
76.29% THC, 0.49% CBD, 1.88% CBN, 1.99% CBG
Try this tantalizing tangy strain originating from California Orange and Skunk.

Clementine (Sativa)
77.55% THC, 0.26% CBD, 0.98% CBN, 1.80% CBG
A sativa-dominant strain with citrus terpenes embedded in the flavor, this descendent of Lemon Skunk and Tangie is great for creative inspirations.

Great White Shark (Sativa)
80.79% THC, 0.65% CBD, 1.73% CBN, 2.30% CBG
Despite the sativa labeling, this highly potent strain is best for relaxing and relieving pain.


Snow Cap (Hybrid)
72.94% THC, 2.03% CBD,1.92% CBN, 2% CBG
Those battling depression may reach for this citrus-mint flavored strain, as well as our artistic clientele. 

Golden Goat (Hybrid)
80.89% THC, 0.23% CBD, 1.68% CBN, 2.35% CBG
Resulting from the serendipitous cross betweeh Hawaiian Romulan x Island Sweet Skunk, a tropical flavor is guaranteed from this balanced mind-body high.

Tangerine Dream
 74.19% THC, 0.35% CBD, 1.07% CBN, 2.03% CBG
This product of breeding G-13, Afghan, and Neville's Haze, is the perfect addition to your daily routine as a mentally stimulating hybrid. Citrus and berries are prominent aromas to hit your nose when you exhale the musculoskeletal pain away.


Purple Kush (Indica)
72.64% THC, 0.59% CBD
Purple Kush is a classic, pure indica strain bred from two legendary parents, Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani.

Notes to Customer
Please note the percentage of THC is a relative concentration that may be used to determine strength. The remaining percentage is simply the remaining numerous terpenes and cannabinoids associated with the cannabis plant, extracted via supercriticial CO2. Check out our blog's Cannabis Glossary for more details on these terms.
Please be aware that while both breath-activated and push-button batteries are compatible, breath-activated batteries are most effective. Check out our collection of vape pens here.
Pictures are not indicative of all varieties.
Varieties not listed in pricing area, or those marked red, are likely out of stock.

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